Submission Rules

For Printing (Applied from Vol. 28, No. 1~)


Applied from January 1, 2022

Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare
Submission Rules


1. Submission details
Manuscripts for submission to the Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare (hereinafter referred to as “the Journal”) should be papers that contribute to the academic development of health and welfare and related fields, prepared in accordance with these rules and the writing rules (Instructions to Authors), and should not have been previously published in other journals.
2. Eligibility for submission
In principle, only members of the Kawasaki Medical Welfare Society are eligible to submit papers to this journal. Co-authors must also be members at the time of publication.
3. Submission consent form
A letter of consent for submission should be attached to the manuscript, clearly stating that all authors, including co-authors, are responsible for the contents of the manuscript.
4. Checklist
Authors should attach a checklist to confirm that the manuscript has been prepared in accordance with the writing rules (Instructions to Authors).
5. Classification of submission
The following categories (types of manuscripts) are suitable for submission.

  • Review article: A summary, evaluation or commentary covering many research papers related to a single theme.
  • Essay: Proposals and recommendations on activities, policies, and trends in various fields.
  • Original paper: A research article that contains new findings or originality.
  • Short report: A report that is the same in nature as an original article, but written before the completion of the research or as a preliminary report.
  • Material: Research material related to surveys, statistics, etc.
  • Educational and practical research: Proposals and reports on educational methods and practices.
  • Case reports: Reports on cases or examples of academic or practical interest.
6. Ethical considerations
Authors should conduct their research in accordance with the research ethics regulations and ethical codes of the field to which they belong, and should submit a statement that they have taken the necessary ethical considerations into account.
7. Acceptance or rejection
The acceptance or rejection of a manuscript will be decided by the Editorial Board of the Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare, based on the reviewers’ opinions. Revisions may be requested in some cases. If revisions are requested, the revised manuscript must be submitted within the indicated deadline. If the deadline is exceeded without any special reason, the review process will be suspended and the manuscript will not be accepted.
8. Proofreading
In principle, the author(s) should proofread only the first draft. In principle, revisions should be limited to the correction of inappropriate words and the adjustment of the size and insertion position of figures and tables, and no other changes to the content will be accepted.
9. Publication fees
There is no charge for the publication of articles up to the limits stipulated in the writing rules (Instructions to Authors), but an excess fee will be charged to the author in proportion to the volume of the article. The amount of the excess charge shall be determined separately.
10. Reprints
Reprint fees shall be borne by the author.
11. Copyright
The copyright of the manuscripts published in this journal belongs to the Kawasaki Medical Welfare Society. However, permission from the Society is not required for use by the authors themselves.
12. Submission method
In principle, manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the Society’s website (link from the Society’s homepage).
13. Revision of the submission rules
Revisions to these rules shall be made by the Editorial Board of the Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare.